I design businesses for the global, informal economy.

From Hong Kong, I use service design to build businesses for the global, informal economy.

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I design services for the global, informal economy.

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Unbanked. Undocumented. Unrestricted.

The Informal Economy is made up of the people, capital and goods that exist beyond borders. It's the second largest and fastest growing economy in the world, a Shadow Super Power.


Payments infrastructure for the bottom of the pyramid.

Head of Design
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Solar finance that accelerates renewable energy adoption.

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An accelerator for connected hardware startups.

Brinc is an accelerator for connected hardware startups with a presence in 5 countries.

Chief Creative Officer
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An asia-focused Human-Centred Design consultancy.

The On-Off Group was one of Asia first Service Design consultancies. Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, we built the practice into a region-wide business with offices in two countries, and a portfolio of work spanning 11 countries in Asia.

Co-Founder, Sold
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A regional network of design thinking practitioners.

Design Thinking Asia is a training organisation built to foster the development of human-centred design practitioners across Asia., founded in conjunction with the launch of the Design Thinking Hong Kong meetup group in 2012.

Founder, Sold

A co-created career.

I'm grateful for the colleagues and business partners who's integrity and energy I've been lucky enough to share, and humbled by the students who've taught me far more than I could ever hope to teach them.

Kristin Low
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